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After departing Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, we return to State Highway 35 and follow it to Rockport where we’ve booked a couple of motel rooms for the next few nights. I’ve been here before, but things have changed since then. Both the art gallery and the aquarium—which I enjoyed immensely—were destroyed when Hurricane Harvey passed through. The extensive damage caused by the hurricane is still very much in evidence during our visit. 

The motel we stayed in during our last visit is also gone, so as our temporary home base, we’ve chosen the Harbour Inn. The rooms are simple and open to the parking lot, but the location could not be better; we’re right across the road from the marina, which I consider to be the most photogenic little harbor I’ve come across here in Texas.


Preferring to keep things simple on our first evening, we order a pizza and set our folding chairs next to the car, where we have a view of the dockside activities. Afterwards, we walk over to have a look at the boats. A fisherman has made himself comfortable in a chair on the pier. He seems to mainly catch small fish, throwing them into a bucket after pulling them off the hook. Every so often, he throws a couple of fish in the direction of two herons nearby. We’d thought their presence and their restless pacing a bit odd and are amused to have discovered the explanation.


We continue past the marina to the renowned Rockport Beach. It’s wide and clean, offers public restrooms, and on top of that, the water looks to be quite shallow. If I enjoyed swimming in the ocean, I’d definitely want to come here. As it is, there’s plenty for me to enjoy. The dunes are covered in wildflowers and as the sun sinks, a golden light falls on the scene. 


We’re nearing sunset, which I’m well prepared for. Camera in hand, I’ve looked forward to capturing the end of the day.


The next morning I set the alarm for half an hour before sunrise; I cannot miss a photography opportunity like this. All my hopes come true this morning. All I can say is, if you own a camera, you need to come to Rockport.


We’re off to Padre Island National Seashore today, which I will cover in my next post. When we return to the motel in late afternoon, we walk over to a very noisy black skimmer nesting site next to Rockport Beach. These black and white birds with their oddly shaped red bills are beautiful and fun to watch. From a distance, naturally. It’s a good thing I have a telephoto lens. We stop in at the motel before walking over to a nearby restaurant which seems to receive good reviews. Latitude 28º 02’ is quite the surprise. Food this good is not usually something you find in small towns. In addition, it has a colorful and comfortable bar. I highly recommend it.


I miss out on the sunset this evening, but the following morning, I’m back at the beach to see the sunrise. It’s a totally different experience from the day before, which goes to show, it’s always good to get up before daybreak.


Though we didn’t pay a visit to the Texas Maritime Museum this time, I’ve been there before. If you’re in Rockport, I’d suggest seeing it. They have a nice collection, the building they’re housed in is architecturally interesting, and you can get a great view of the surroundings from their tower. 


Thank you for reading. I hope you’ll return for the post on Padre Island National Seashore.


Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge