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Levy Park and Honey Art Cafe

Levy Park and Honey Art Cafe

Levy Park is very different from most parks. I first read about it last year, while it was undergoing a major renovation. The park has been at its current location in the Upper Kirby area of Houston since it was created in the 1950s but seemed to have lost the power to attract visitors. In stepped The Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority with a plan to create an attraction out of Levy Park, and thereby reinvigorate the entire area.


The park’s redevelopment has resulted in a green space that serves as a center of activity for everyone living in the area, but more than that, it draws visitors from further away as well.


Levy Park reopened with great fanfare in February of this year. It looked like a colorful and inspirational place, so I naturally put it on my list of places to see. After visiting last week, I can say that it managed to surprise me, despite everything I had already read about it. 


We had just gotten out of the car when we saw the book and magazine racks. Ingenious. If I lived in the neighborhood, I could see myself swinging by the park, picking up a magazine and settling in the shade or the sun, all depending on the season. You won’t have any problems finding an empty chair since they’re placed in little groups throughout the park.


My first thought was to see the community garden, so we walked down the path, passing between the creatively designed pavilion and some of the park’s 30 live oak trees, many of which have balls of lights suspended from their limbs. It must be a magical place after sunset.


As we turned the corner, we noticed a red telephone booth on the corner. Seems like a potential spot for some fun portrait photography. The garden was filled with flowers and vegetables and was larger than expected. The work of maintaining the garden is apparently enjoyed by volunteers. 


Next to the garden was a construction site and a sign stating that a restaurant will be opening there in 2018. Not only that, but there will apparently also be a beer garden opening later this year. 

Next to the park’s performance area lies a very different kind of playground. There are no swings but there is a wide slide built into the hill. There are little tunnels for kids to crawl through and a very large and colorful structure to explore. Bringing a towel would be a good idea so the kids can feel free to enjoy the water feature.


Outside the play area, there’s a fuss ball table, an area with games and another that provides kids with art supplies. The park also has two dog parks, which we didn’t see. I assume they must be across the road. 


Levy Park is a great place to spend an hour or two. Once the restaurant and beer garden arrive, you might expect to stay longer. For us, we had one more place to visit, and it wasn’t far away. 

When we set off to see and do something new, I’ll normally pick the destination and my daughter will pick a place to eat. She rarely fails in finding something fun. This time, the destination of choice was Honey Art Cafe. 


Since we had eaten lunch before arriving at Levy Park we were now ready for a dessert, which is exactly what Honey Art Cafe offers. Walking in, we were completely taken in by the enormous wall paintings. You all know what I mean by edible colors, right? Bright and happy, an explosion of color. Sitting down to wait for our chocolate mousse cake and waffle ice cream, we were both getting more pictures than necessary. Once the desserts arrived, we continued by placing them in the pictures. 


The cafe offers art classes in addition to desserts. In the back of the restaurant is an art studio and the hallway that leads you there has a number of paintings on display.


When I think back on it, bright colors were the theme of the day! There’s my suggestion for a fun afternoon. Hope you can use it.

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